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Frenoflex: Friction materials for every need

We face extreme challenges: our friction materials are installed in industrial plants of all kinds and particular environmental conditions, from torrid African climates to temperatures below 40°C in Northern Europe, up to marine and offshore applications. We provide our customers with resolute and specific products for each required application, which is still one of our main strengths today.

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Enter the world of Frenolyte®

Our research and development studies have led to the special formulation of our registered trademark Frenolyte® characterised by excellent performance properties, with an excellent friction coefficient and minimal wear.

We regularly carry out research, also in collaboration with universities, to develop innovative products with low environmental impact.

Our applications

Our products are intended for a wide range of application sectors, offering solutions for various industrial needs.

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If you are looking for innovative products for brakes and friction materials, do not hesitate to contact our specialist experts to design the solution that best suits your needs.

Quality products

Products made with the highest quality materials capable of offering excellent performance.


Advice and assistance are always guaranteed.


To ensure the safety of products and services.

Our services

We guarantee flexibility, accuracy, and timely intervention.

Consultancy and design

Thanks to our experience in the sector, we use the best materials and technologies available, providing advanced solutions for every type of application.


Our team of highly specialised technicians is constantly working to improve production processes and ensure maximum efficiency and safety.

Laboratory checks

Our laboratory is equipped with innovative technologies for precise analysis and testing. Our highly specialised team conducts constant checks and tribological tests on each batch produced, ensuring compliance with the specifications required by the customer and current regulations.

Support and maintenance

Thanks to our assistance and maintenance service, we guarantee our products' reliability and durability, offering complete and personalised assistance to our customers.

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Certified company

The certifications testify to the company's commitment to the quality and safety of its products and services.

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