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Our History

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Over 50 years of work history

Frenoflex was established in 1968 by Giovanni Nizzero. He channelled all his passion and already deep first-hand experience with the special industrial applications of friction materials and ferrules into this company.

Over the years, the company's potential has increased with the continuous development and improvement of technologies, plus management and production systems, guaranteeing customers dedicated and specific products for each different application required, a fact that still represents one of the company's greatest strengths.

Our friction materials are installed in the most varied types of industrial plants and in the most varied environmental conditions, even the most extreme: from torrid African climates to places in Northern Europe up to temperatures below -40°C and in marine and offshore applications.

Our goal has always been the satisfaction of our customers, with the utmost respect for human and environmental well-being. Therefore, our raw materials, production phases and all products are subject to thorough and constant monitoring. We check the quality of the individual incoming raw materials and document each work phase until final testing.
This method, combined with maximum flexibility and speed in response, has allowed us to achieve ISO 9001:2015 certification at the accredited body SGS Société Générale de Surveillance S.A. in Zurich.

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Enter the world of

Continuous research and development studies have led to the creation and registration of the Frenolyte® brand, an asbestos-free material characterised by an excellent coefficient of friction and subject to minimum wear: thanks to its mechanical resistance and performance characteristics, it is the flagship of Frenoflex production. 

The company's objective is to constantly carry out research aimed at creating products that do not have an impact on climate change, or air quality and with reduced production of waste and scrap material: the theme of sustainability is also constantly present depending on developments shortly.

Frenoflex has always paid particular attention to the protection of man and the environment together with the quality understood in its many aspects relating both to product processes and to the constant training of personnel, to develop a highly professional "modus operandi" to guarantee a reliable and safe product for other uses than it was originally intended.

Frenoflex has always been very attentive to its staff's working conditions, both in terms of health and safety, adopting all the precautionary and operational measures necessary for this purpose.

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