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Clutches can be pneumatic, centrifugal, conical or limited in torque.

Ring sectors, rings, toothed rings, dowels and mounting on supporting metal parts are fundamental tools in single or multiple-disc pneumatic clutches used to brake or transmit motion in several types of industrial machines, such as knee presses, eccentric presses, shearers, and shears.

Clutches, safety spring brakes, pneumatically controlled brakes as well as their combinations are made with Frenolyte® products and are applied in the construction of industrial machines in the entire power range and in all cases where a high engagement frequency and excellent repeatability are required for dosing, packaging, cutting or in any case if a fast and precise forward movement is required.

Centrifugal clutches are used in machines where engine speed defines the clutch operation and connects power sources, such as an engine or turbine, to loads that need acceleration. The clutch uses the centrifugal force generated in rotation to turn the drive shaft. They are used, for example, in irrigation pumps and sprayers, woodchippers, chainsaws and crushers in mining.

Tapered clutches can transfer greater torque than disc clutches. Particular uses are on agricultural machines such as mowers and tiller machines.

Torque limiters are slip or safety clutches because they slip if the machine encounters a higher-than-normal resistance. They serve to safeguard the integrity of the mechanical assemblies responsible for controlling the transmissions.

Mounting on supporting metal parts refers to the possibility of installing Frenolyte ® friction materials directly on the metal parts by hot glueing Therm-fix® with or without rivets. This system guarantees the perfect seal of our gaskets on the supports combined with a longer life and less need to replace the gaskets installed on the unit. This ensures the safe and reliable operation of the brakes and clutches in industrial machines.

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